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Topic: Re:Re:Trees in Essex Place
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 25/04/15 12:16:00

Cllr Dunne from Syon is the one who announced to one and all at the meeting that she would like to turn the whole of Chiswick into social housing so do not expect any good will from that quarter. 

She is also Deputy Chair of the Planning Committee (lied about her comment until she was shown proof) and certainly should not be holding her position (and many others) as she does not seem capable of unbiased decision making on the merits of the application in question.  At the time, it was very obvious that the application had  been rushed through with many points undetermined and so not ready for discussion.  This was done to avoid the Local Plan which was to be put forward a few weeks later and as Shane Baker blatantly put it, the Local Plan has not come into force yet.

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