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Topic: Trees in Essex Place
Posted by: Pamela Mayorcas
Date/Time: 25/04/15 00:22:00

... I gather these have been demolished. Can anyone confirm? LBH's recent defence of its decision to allow the Empire House development is breathtaking in its arrogance and sheer bravado. There will be very little affordable housing, the block designated for this purposed (Building C) is right on a main road and close to the  railway line and may, in face, never be built. There is a housing shortage in Chiswick but not of the kind of luxury flats and town houses that will sell for over £1 million a piece and probably bought as buy-to-leave investments. The town houses will have no outdoor play space for children but roof gardens! They are also right next to Sainsbury's car park which receives 24-hr deliveries from huge and noisy (and dangerous) articulated vehicles. The Chiswick Character & Context Study specifically designated this area is unsuitable for high rise. So what do we have? two additional high rise blocks and a monstrously-enlarged Empire Tower. All councillors who voted in favour of this development or did nothing to stop it should be ashamed of themselves.

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