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Posted by: Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 22/04/15 14:30:00

Joe - if only the real problem of the NHS was just the crippling cost of servicing Labour's PFI deals. This is a  problems that could be alleviated or removed by additional funding.

The real problems are cultural and behavioural.

Hospitals are still run for the benefit of the staff and not the patients.

As David Cameron has shrewdly pointed out the hospitals must become truly seven day a week operations.

Surely after all these years the medical professionals must have understood that the patients' needs come first? It is unacceptable that that survival rates and "positive outcomes" fall at weekends and bank holidays. This is nuts. We are paying for this, and we NEED a fully seven day a week service.

The nationalisation/privatisation debate is a really stale one. If outside providers of cleaning, catering, phlebotomy services etc can provide a less expensive and higher quality service then why not. Job protection rackets by large trade unions should be recognised for what they are. Special pleading but heavily biaised

It is truly pathetic to hear the crypto-Marxist Ed Milliband talking about capping profits on such contracts at 5% (or according to Natalie of the Greens O%). More paperwork more administration and a return to the bad old days when the Trade Unions dictated what went on in every hospital.  Nothing indicates Milliband's complete unfitness to be running anything larger than a very small and heavily subsidised whelk stall.


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