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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 22/04/15 12:06:00

The truth is the the NHS needs a proper overhaul and a good look at management.

There are areas of absolute brilliance, like elderly neighbour had a stent fitted within an hour of arriving by ambulance and after that it went to pot resulting in a 2 week stay in ICU - agency nurses over the weekend with very limited medical back up when things went wrong and just before Easter he was brought home at 7pm in a minibus having waited for transport from midday.  Added to that he had an obvious severe chest infection resulting in us having to call the ambulance on Easter Sunday because he was very distressed and could not breathe.

I think the ambulance people are wonderful.  They fully understood his absolute refusal to return to hospital, gave him the best attention and after a visit from the out of hours Doctor He had an inhaler and pills and was left to the excellent care of various neighbours.

All that cost a huge amount of time and money which was needless.

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