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Topic: Re: democracy and democrats...
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 17/04/15 08:30:00

As a lifelong democrat, I'm with Bob Osborne on this... :)

As for the election, I've got a gigantic game-changing issue with the so-called democrat, Nick Clegg. Not for the usual nonsense levelled against him like tuition fees. Hell no. That's what happens in 'coalition' politics. And in so many other ways, this coalition has been a big success. Long overdue (thanks New Labour) radical reforms have been made and Great Britain looks far stronger today than it did at the arse end of Gordon Brown's watch.

No! My problem with Nick Clegg is far more serious. Constitutionally critical.

Boundary Changes.

Democrats do NOT play political football with fundamental issues like boundary changes. EVER! Clegg did and House of Lords reform was comparatively piffling in it's importance.

Hence the result of this election will be skewed!

If Miliband makes it into Downing Street, it won't be Nicola Sturgeon he should thank. It'll be courtesy of Nick Clegg.

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