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Posted by: David McLoughlin
Date/Time: 16/04/15 23:00:00

Last time I looked the United Kingdom wasn't a PLC. it was a country or collection of same. The difference is important. PLCs have a primary duty to shareholders. Countries have a primary duty to their citizens. Private Limited Companies only exist because the laws of liability are relaxed to allow shareholders to escape liability  for debts incurred by PLCs. Whereas you and I are liable for debts incurred by ourselves even if they were consequent on liabilities incurred in providing services in good faith to a PLC which became insolvent. A good example is the recent CityLink insolvency. Perhaps it's time, Lorraine, that 'UKplc' took a good look in the mirror.  Any Government that tightened up the extraordinarily relaxed laws relating to PLC insolvency would have my vote.

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