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Posted by: Paul Pryce
Date/Time: 14/04/15 15:36:00

I should preface any comment I make by admitting 5 or so years ago I posted on this forum that I expected prices to fall.

If you accept for the foreseeable future that interest rates will remain low and population will significantly outstrip supply then overall it now seems unlikely that property prices will fall significantly. The post election period will probably see a dip as the new Government tries to get some bad news out of the way early in their term.

Beyond that you probably need to think about supply in surrounding postcodes. There are thousands of new flats being built particularly near Crossrail stations which will be attractive to City workers who remain one of the main buyers of this type of property in W4. Therefore flats in this area might see a bit of price underperformance.

Very few houses are being built and there might actually be a contraction in their number if the mansion tax is introduced as some may choose to divide up properties to avoid paying. If the present economic conditions continue then it is hard to see the price of this kind of property not rising further.

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