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Posted by: Gregory Turner
Date/Time: 13/04/15 11:12:00


Long-time lurker.

I just donít know what sustains the continued increase, I mean where does the money trickle down from? Iím sure we all know people whoíve made silly money on property just through being in the right place at the right time but itís really only relative if youíre downsizing or moving out of town. A friend of mine is about to sell his one bed flat in Westbourne Grove, heís had it ten years and itís worth over three times what he paid for it, thatís great butís he canít actually find a house in London for under a million, you may be fortunate enough to bag yourself a terrace for that kind of money in Chiswick but I bet it would need a considerable amount of money spent on it.

It may be a bubble but only in the respect of London, I canít see it actually bursting, it may eventually plateau but that is all.

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