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Posted by: Andrew OSullivan
Date/Time: 13/04/15 10:13:00

The Green Party can't operate as if it is going to form a Government so its objective in any election should be direct as much focus as possible onto environmental issues. They seem to be failing to do this at both a national and local level.

This seems to be a remarkable failure given that on Friday people in London with breathing difficulties were being advised to stay indoors. Not a peep from the Greens on this although they were telling us about their plans to raise taxes.

They seem likely to pull off the incredible feat of reducing their share of the vote when neither of the two main parties have much credibility. Even worse, they seem unable to persuade people, particularly students to switch in any meaningful numbers from the Liberal Democrats. If the last election was determined by student votes the Lib Dems would have formed the minority - the Greens ought to be winning a big share of that vote but they don't seem to be.

Locally they seem to have little organisation and support. In Ealing for instance we have seen a fairly undisguised subversion of the drive to increase recycling rates in the borough with a switch to incineration of waste but not a peep from local Greens on the matter. The story on solar panels in the Chiswick newsletter this weekend seems to be one which they should have a view but we hear nothing.

On the main environmental issue for West London - Heathrow - the discussion is being led by lobby groups and local councils rather than the Greens.

The reality is that if the Green vote rises mainstream parties will adopt green policies. No matter what your political views are a poorly performing Green Party is not good news.

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