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Topic: Re:Re:Wheelie bin news
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 12/04/15 10:13:00

:) Morning
Postponement something to do with votes?
It's likely that with fortnightly collections the bins will be bigger than Hounslows ( i e 240 L ), one of them being for co-mingled  recyclables for mechanical sorting.
We're relatively good in Chiswick, apart from rubbish on the streets with which we're making some progress but I can only imagine it in Southall with everything going into both bins.
For Green Days 80 recycling bins from 3 different contractors including for food waste ( all praise to West London Composting for giving us a try ) had to be supervised. No, there wasn't any plastic cutlery or coffee stirrers in it!
No contaminants in any of it.
Even in Chiswick :) we see what happens with recycling bins in the streets.
After all the fuss we made with small bins in Hounslow we seem to have arrived at a workable unofficial compromise with those who didn't want them opting out and no more bins being delivered to other areas.
We'll see what happens after the election!
Nice sunny morning. Enjoy :)

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