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Topic: Re:Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !  Thames *!*!*! Water :-((
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 07/04/15 16:33:00

I receive a phone call from TW advising that my metered consumption has significantly increased and asking to make an appointment. As I have reason to expect an increase in usage I ask them to send me the bill so I can see if the increase is what I would expect or really out of order. When the bill arrives it is clear we have a problem, and I also receive under separate cover a "High Consumption Letter". As I now know there is a problem I endeavour to phone the person who wrote the letter to arrange the offered appointment. Now the problems really start !!

The letter has their Swindon address on it, and an 0800 number to call. However, calling the number gets you
through to a call centre in Yorkshire which is unable to put you through to anyone in Swindon, and they give you a different number to ring. The people on that number have no record of anyone with the name of the letter-writer. So I tried scanning  the letter and attaching it to an e-mail to their laughingly-named customer service department, asking them to call me. They eventually e-mail back advising me to ignore the letter and that they would send someone round to re-read the meter. I e-mail back saying that they have completely misunderstood the matter and again asking them to call me. I then try the phone again and am typing this while on hold.

If any political party at this election included in their manifesto promises to break up Thames Water and/or introduce competition in the market for domestic water supply they would have a good chance of getting my vote. This reminds me of the bad old days when telecoms, electricity, gas and railways were all run by nationalised bureaucracies with no idea of customer service. Nowadays if any of the first three providers provided "service" like Thames Water they would rapidly lose their customers. And yet there are those with short memories who would re-nationalise these bodies and reinstate the old monopolies.

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