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Topic: Re:Re:James O'Brien
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 03/04/15 12:55:00

I myself like James O'Brien on LBC and certainly knows how to put up an argument and find peoples views to be incorrect but the O'Brien show is absolutely dreadful and very much a  Jeremy Kyle type filler. I did however think his Newsnight gigs were Ok and would certainly grow into the role if offered it longer term. I would not be surprised if a few famous LBC interviews were based upon someone thinking we need to get James on TV in some kind of confronting role.

Steve Allen, 84850 obviously wont say anything but would be all over this show in normal circumstances, 84850 but then Steve talks a load of tosh and just makes things up as he goes along, steve@LbC.CO.UK 84850. He has commented on a few famous people who i actually know personally and it is just pure radio waffle, 84850.

Have i mentioned the contact details and not repeated anything. Smiley 

As to James i guess the money and a wardrobe of suits was worth the removal of his beard but a bad move i believe unless he wants to become the new presenter on Tipping Point.

C'mon JB your better than that

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