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Topic: Re:Re:Fuse blown
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 29/03/15 13:12:00


Depending on the age of your electricity installation, somewhere close to the mains switch will be a set of fuses. If it is a reasonably modern consumer unit they may be under a cover which can be easily opened with a screwdriver. Under the cover will either be a set of trip switches, one of which will have tripped, or switches containing a cartridge fuse - like the one in a plug but larger. If the fuses are not labelled then you can work out which one is controlling the ring main (TV, side lights etc) and which the house lights by switching them off one by one and seeing what shuts down.

If it is an older installation then there will be ceramic fuses plugged into the box, which can be pulled out (best to switch off the mains before doing so); one will have a melted fuse wire which needs replacing.

If this is still unclear, then it would certainly be worth asking the electrician to show you what you should do if it happens again, and also to label the fuses for you. 

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