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Topic: Re:Re:Fuse blown
Posted by: Bernard Allen
Date/Time: 28/03/15 15:37:00

Screwing a new light bulb in to a holder and the fuse blown.

If it's an old lamp then in could have and internal short.

Heat often melts the insulation off the wires behind the holder and when you screw in a new lamp it often twist these wires together and  shorts, which blows the fuse.

A similar thing happens with a light pendant  (wire and holder hanging from ceiling rose) the heat often makes the insulation brittle directly above the lamp holder, when you screw in a new lamp you can break off the insulation off the wires which then shorts out  and blows the circuit fuse.

Check to see if there is any bare or damaged wires near to the top of the lamp holder  or inside.

The same applies to a bedside lamp or any free standing lamp plugged into a 13 amp socket 

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