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Topic: Re:Fuse blown
Posted by: Andy Rooney
Date/Time: 28/03/15 14:23:00

Fuse in the plug or in the fusebox?  Either way it's pretty straightforward to change them.  But if the fuse blows again then you probably do need an electrician to look into the cause.

If it's the plug just take the back off the plug - unscrew the big screw on the front between the pins - and then pry out the old fuse and replace it with a new 3 amp fuse.  You can buy spares at Dyas.

If it's the fusebox, just pull out the relevant fuse and see what it looks like.  Some old fuseboxes have cartridge fuses, like a bigger version of the one in the plug, and replacements for those can be harder to find, but Ormrod should be able to help.  Otherwise you need some fuse wire of the appropriate rating - there should be a label to tell you the circuit's rating - and generally the wire just needs to be strung between two screws across a bit of ceramic.  The broken old wire should still be there to show you where it goes. Only a single piece of wire of course.  And that's it.

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