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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 28/03/15 15:11:00

For you and Brian.

" hardly needs mentioning again that public safety is enhanced with staff on public transport being around, especially with the night underground service starting."

Where does it say in that sentence that it refers to staff in ticket offices? It doesn't, but the fact is crimes are committed all over the system not just on the platforms.

Of course you can't justify what you refer to as 'non jobs', but there is another side to this question, technology needs to co-exist with people not replace them. You can manufacture 'non jobs' by not giving service users a choice it seems to me, if there is no alternative then people will have to use the technology, but give them the choice and see how many will opt for a real person especially when there's a problem as there often is. I wonder if you two will/would take the same attitude if something took away the livelihood of you or yours.

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