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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 27/03/15 10:58:00

I remember trying to explain to a (much) younger workmate why in an episode of "The Sweeney" they had to find a  red 'phone box to call in - what no bloody mobiles? Not sure all technology has added anything particularly good to our lives. Good bit in the 'i' yesterday about how the new Chief Exec. of Morrisons is listening to his front line staff and has done away with a computerised system that calculated how many people were in the store pushing trolleys an decided how many tills should be open. They pointed out they were more than able to see for themselves, and he agreed, sensible man. Ditto the 'scan rate' system which counted how many items the checkout person scanned per minute. Think about it serve yourself check-outs, online banking etc. etc It is reckoned 702 occupations are in danger of being 'robotised'.

Where will all Dave's 'hard-working' families do their hard work when that comes about, and it will, if we don't stop and take stock, the reporter called it 'dehumanising', and also pointed out getting rid of all the London Underground ticket offices seems a whizzo idea yet it will lead to losing 953m jobs, and of course ticket machines never go wrong, do they?

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