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Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 19/03/15 22:50:00

I believe Mary Macleod has been quite clear on Heathrow.

Her March newsletter states:

Heathrow Update

In my written submission to the Airports Commission this month, I made it clear why I feel that Heathrow expansion would not be tolerable or acceptable. Instead I believe that Gatwick should be the preferred option chosen by the Commission when they report back in June 2015.

The key concerns I raised included:

The impact of noise on residents – up to 900,000 would be impacted at Heathrow compared to only around 24,000 at Gatwick.

The absence of flightpaths in Heathrow’s submission - up to 300,000 new residents would be impacted by the noise at Heathrow but many residents remain unaware of how it would affect them.

The importance of competition – adding a runway at Heathrow would return it to a near-monopoly position which is not in the interests of the country or passengers.

Overemphasis on the hub model at Heathrow – the growth in air traffic continues to be in low-cost, point-to-point travel. Gatwick is ideally designed to take advantage of this trend.

Cost to taxpayers – the considerable work required to the transport network around Heathrow would cost taxpayers £5.7bn compared to only £787,000 at Gatwick.

Political deliverability – with anything up to 2 million people thought to be impacted by the noise from an expansion at Heathrow, the campaign against it would be huge, making it politically undeliverable.

Safety – no other significant city in the world overflies such a densely populated area. Increasing the number of flights further would inevitably increase the risk of a major incident.

Air pollution – Heathrow already breaches the EU limits for air quality on a regular basis. It is inconceivable that adding up to 250,000 extra flights, and the extra car journeys that would come with that, could be achieved within these legally binding limits.

If you would like a copy of my full written submission, please do contact me or you can read it here


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