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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Back Heathrow
Posted by: Claudia Jachtmann
Date/Time: 17/03/15 14:09:00

if you object to expansion
pls hold your horses before you complete as Zac advises ...
Hacan previously advised to not return a previous version from Back Heathrow
i have previously written on here about this with regard to how this is likely to work when they analyse the data
but at the moment, i cant do links from mobile device etc
but in a nutshell
if there are no open questions where you can write free style text
the next step of the survey process is not going to take into account anything scribbled over the questionaire, no matter how large
i havent looked into what's been mentioned, i.e. Where and how Zac was mentioned as a supporter etc
but taken it face value, you might want to to stop for second and
think  : maybe his aproach did not have the intended outcome ?
i am on my way to somewhere
so cant go into more detail
but i recommend to hang on a day or 2
rather then returning as advised
unless you want to be outfoxed
and became an expansion supporter against your will like Zac
(if this bit of info verifies ... )
i check into this more as soon as i can
laters ....

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