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Topic: NHS Enquiry or Propaganda on the Rates
Posted by: Paul Corcoran
Date/Time: 06/03/15 10:36:00

I have a huge amount of admiration for Michael Mansfield QC as every person with Irish connections in this country does because of his tireless work for innocent men and women wrongly imprisoned by the British State after being falsely accused of terrorism.

That does not stop me having serious misgivings about his appointment to head an enquiry into the current state of the NHS which is taking place in Hammersmith later this month. He is a man of convictions and will have an opinion on the NHS which is unlikely to be altered by any evidence presented to this enquiry. Also on the panel is John Lister of Coventry University who writes a column for the Morning Star.

The enquiry is being funded by four Labour Councils - Hammersmith & Fulham, Brent, Ealing and Hounslow. It will deliver its verdict on local NHS services just in time for the start of election campaigning.

We can safely assume that it will conclude that Tory cuts have damaged the NHS, the changes to A&E provision are putting thousands of lives at risk, NHS property is being sold off to greedy developers, increased used of private contractors in the NHS means that profits are being put ahead of patients and that the election of a Tory government would be a disaster for health provision in the area.

I wouldn't dispute that some or all of these things may be true and there is a real need for open discussion about what is happening to local health services. However, this is no such thing but rather a fairly ill-disguised attempt by Labour in West London to divert taxpayers' money to support their election campaign. Michael Mansfield may well be doing this work for a much reduced fee but the costs of putting this fundamentally dishonest exercise together will be significant and it will do absolutely nothing to deliver a better health service.

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