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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Hugh Telford RIP
Posted by: Chris Calvi-Freeman
Date/Time: 28/02/15 23:34:00

So very sad to read of Hugh's passing.

Hugh was always affable when we bumped into eachother on CHR or around the Glebe Estate especially on his travels between establishments.  He always had a friendly word and a handshake for my kids and a ready smile for Jo. 

Hugh told me once that the forum had given him a new lease of life as it had brought him into contact with so many wonderful people and so many of Chiswick's "characters". 

Too often, people see the mobility scooter or wheelchair but not its driver.  But if I ever come back to visit Chiswick I'm sure I'll subconsciously be looking out for a somewhat larger-than-life character who just happened to be atop a trusty scooter.

Farewell dear man.  RIP Hugh.

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