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Topic: Hugh Telford RIP
Posted by: John Todd
Date/Time: 27/02/15 18:59:00

Dear colourful Hugh has died.
He and Jim Lawes were very close. Many locals knew him too whizzing up and down CHR in his electric wheelchair

As Jim says

'Hugh was a jolly cyberspace friend to many as you know and we all had fun on the Forums over many years..especially with his moving image postings..which were very clever.  Hugh and I both lived in the Wolseley Gardens/ Whitehall Park Road area during WW2 and we had those memories to share as well. I know you were friends too.

Hugh's son Richard has just phoned me..and his daughter in law Tina too.
They told me that Hugh's funeral would be at Mortlake Crematorium on Friday 6th March at 10.40am'

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