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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Well Done Lendlease !
Posted by: Gordon McDonald
Date/Time: 01/02/15 14:28:00

Personally, from an aesthetics point of view - and under the circumstances (i.e.. the tower block was going to be developed anyway) - I'm quite happy with the design. And I think it will mean that the western end of the High Road smartens up a bit. Slummy, no, scruffy/unloved, yes.

Yes, a lot of investors will queue for hours to bag themselves a few new properties on the development but, remembering the last 'new build' sale, for the houses/flats that now occupy the old VW garage on King Street, many (well-heeled) locals will be standing in line too.

Hopefully the Carpetright block and crappy 70s block on Acton Lane will be the next to fall. 

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