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Topic: Re:Re:Well Done Lendlease !
Posted by: Paul Green
Date/Time: 01/02/15 11:28:00

I am not aware that anyone calls this end of the High Road slummy. THere is a Michelin starred restaurant, a great pub, many other restaurants and cafes (none in my view grotty) and a growing range of shops. The stretch of shops owned by Lend LEase has been vacant for some time and clearly is in need of a facelift. There is a great shortage of family homes, so developing all of this site into town houses not 7-8 storey blocks could have achieved this and met with no opposition.

As for the S.106 money and 'massive improvements' to local infrastrcuture, it was a pretty small sum that wont do anything. There is no amenity space so yet more pressure on the green itself which LBH cannot maintain and so its down to a local community group to do so. An annual contribution to maintaining the green would have been welcome

ALso, only a small amount will be affordable, whatever that actually means now. From memory any of the affordable homes will be in the too high (6 storey) block on the corner of Essex Place and Acton Lane, which was criticised for its ugly appearance.

There are many ways this site could have been improved. Lendlease have managed to rail road through a scheme which contradicts local character assessments and the local plan, and LBH's own guidelines. Quite how they should be congratulated for this is beyond me.

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