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Topic: Well Done Lendlease !
Posted by: Tony Buchanan
Date/Time: 30/01/15 21:30:00

No one likes change but currently this end of the High Road looks as if it's in the East End.

I'm so glad it will be transformed.At the moment this area has a third world look.

Following the development we will have the best end of the High Street.Down goes the blue glasshouse eyesore and the wonderful Church view will be enhanced.All the tardy nearby shops will be upgraded to form a Sloane Street type atmosphere.

However it is important that Lendlease  offer a good percentage of the development as affordable housing and these needy residents must have the same entrance as everyone else and not be given a "poor dooor" entrance at the back which happened in Camden.

Hopefully a section 106 agreement will secure massive improvements to the infrastructure and I would love a provision to be included to deal with improving Chiswick Station but I doubt it will go that far.It should offer Chiswick residents better facilities in return for granting the permission.

Maasive tower blocks were similarly opposed by local QC's and residents with deep pockets in Parsons Green but the permission was rushed through pre local election.

Opponents had to eat cake because the new development there is superb.Please when you next pass through Parsons Green on the tube have a look and see what can be done.It is quality and enhanced the area even more.

ConcerNs over parking,deleiveries etc. are easliy dealt with by imposing pallning conditions and hereare the the type of conditions we need.

This development for those who are owner occupiers will only increase their equity since no one will call this end of the High Street slummy although we still need to sort out some of the grotty shops and cafes which will remain post development.

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