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Topic: Door to door peddlers
Posted by: Iris Hill
Date/Time: 12/01/15 12:55:00

I wanted to share my experience of these men with you, and to say that you should always report them to 101.

Last Thursday night at 8.40 the doorbell rang. The caller was persistent and so I opened the door on the chain. It was the usual type of young man with a tray and even when I said I was not buying and closed the door, he carried on talking and ringing the bell. He was not aggressive and his was a sob story of a hard day and needing support. After thinking about this and about elderly people on their own, I rang 101. A few minutes later Chiswick police rang back for more details.

Yesterday afternoon police came over to take a statement. They had arrested three men on Thursday night, already known to the police. They confiscated the goods and put them on a train back to Kent. Police do not always have the resources to respond but this constable was in the office and able to come straight out. Chiswick police are anxious to discourage these men. They are bussed in from Kent and Essex and have a dual role in selling the vastly overpriced goods and casing houses to see who is in at night and how vulnerable the house is. The boss takes 60% of what they earn and one the men they arrested had 200 on him. Not bad for a couple of hours work!

The men often have a laminated sheet with their picture on it from a group called "Youth Opportunities Group". This group is entirely non existent. A genuine seller will have a license. To get a license you have to have a clean record.

I was very impressed with the police response. I got through to 101 very quickly, and Chiswick police rang back shortly to get more details. They are keen to discourage these men to cut crime rates in Chiswick.

Police say please ring 101 if you have one of these men at the door. I was lucky he was not aggressive, but as you all know others have not been so lucky. The more you can discourage these men, then the more it is likely that our burglary rate will decrease.

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