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Topic: Michael Brown - Forumer of the Year 2014 - Acceptance Speech
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 07/01/15 13:36:00

Speaker: Ladies & Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to this year’s winner of the Forumer of the Year Award, which goes to the ever so popular and much loved, Michael Brown!  (Speaker spins around clapping)

(You clap)

Thank you so much. I’m so grateful for this award, and thanks to everyone who voted for me. Thank you too, Stu and bobby, for the brilliant comedy and satire produced throughout the year, keeping us all entertained, and congratulations on the winning of your awards. Thoroughly deserved. Congratulations too, to all other award winners, particularly Russell bin Person upon collecting the dual Village Idiot & Best Impersonator Award. Thank you, Indian Cardoman, for being such good hosts of Nominations Night, and for providing us with such excellent food for just £12.95 per head for three courses. Thank you, Sir Robin Taylor, our guest speaker, for chairing much of the evening, and in such humorous and entertaining fashion. It was a truly wonderful evening.

Moving on to the award itself: Let’s be honest – I’ve not won this prestigious award for literary skills or funniness or anything like that. 2014 was a hard slog for me, further bringing to people’s attention just what is going on in this world, with governments prepared to literally blow our socks off with military grade explosives on our way to work to initiate new wars and perpetuate current wars whilst taking away our civil liberties; all supported by the complicit and corrupt mainstream media. This, of course, is sad news, and my valid claims have been met with much resistance by some throughout 2014 who simply couldn’t believe, or accept, the truth. However, having provided so much evidence, proving that this is, indeed, the case, people have been awakened; and this is most likely the reason for my hoard of votes. Now fully awake, they will no longer accept governments blowing up trains and buildings under psychological operations; and neither will they fall for any more fake planes, fake videos of beheadings, fake chemical attacks or other attacks regardless of whether they’re filmed in Syria, Woolwich, the US or elsewhere. The awakened know that the time has come to unite and stand up to the Satanists that have taken control of Western governments; so this award isn’t so much about me but a victory for humanity, and the celebration of a unified community. Good will always prevail over evil, and I dedicate this award to the awakened, and humanity. 

I hope that my receiving of this award will encourage other people to speak out on matters, which they feel warrant attention, and for the human good regardless of what the relevant common belief may be because the common belief is not always supported by truth; and many people’s views on certain matters have often been formed by disinformation and propaganda disseminated via the deceitful and shameless mainstream media. By learning the truth and sharing the truth, we can continue to make fools of these liars and con artists and put paid to the New World Order. Together we can bring change and make the world a better place, and this award is a major step towards bringing about that change. It is our duty to awaken those around us, providing them with the knowledge and tools to free themselves from the clutches of the demonic cabal thus enabling them to free their neighbours too from such evil. We can do this – we will do this - we will win.

On a final note, a big thank you to Dr. Judy Wood B.S., M.S., PhD. whose years of extensive and courageous 9/11 research resulted in the compilation of one of the most important books to be published in modern times, titled: ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ which gives a detailed analysis of the twin towers’ destruction, supported with mindboggling and quite shocking empirical evidence, proving that the towers were destroyed by highly advanced weaponry, and not as a result of planes striking them, which there is no credible evidence of ever occurring.

Thank you, comrades, and may 2015 bring you, and all those who you cherish - love, peace and all things that are good…  

(Stand & clap)

Michael Brown
Forumer of the Year 2011, 2014
Investigative Journalist of the Year 2013

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