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Topic: Re:Re:Parking tickets on Boxing Day
Posted by: Phil Kay
Date/Time: 02/01/15 13:20:00

I agree with Andrew that wardens are more likely to issue a PCN to obviously non-commercial looking vehicles - but I think it unlikely that you will get anywhere by claiming ignorance of the restrictions, unless the signage was poor.

I won a case at the Adjudicator stage last year by demonstrating that I had been loading whilst parked in a loading bay, even though the warden had not seen me doing so.  I'd gone to a shop to collect a pre-arranged order of a very heavy item.  Unfortunately, there was an issue with it and it took me 20 minutes to discover that they'd sold my item to someone else and there was no replacement in the store.

I had a witness statement from a mate who was in the car with me and the Adjudicator accepted our version of events and cancelled the PCN.

It seems to me that Councils are getting better at issuing PCNs and fewer are succeeding at appeal stage.

Having said that, I found the forums at invaluable in constructing my case:

Good luck!

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