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Topic: Re:A fitting response
Posted by: Brian Coyle
Date/Time: 18/12/14 16:46:00

Colin, I agree with most of what you say, but until and unless Pakistan drags itself into the 21st century, and rids itself of the Taliban and everything it represents, noble as they are, gestures like this, regrettably, will not have much effect on Pakistani society as a whole, and their medieval attitudes, particulary towards everything concerning women, marriage, and 'honour' killings. The fact that their society and the way they think 'allows' absolutely disgusting events to take place like the stoning to death of a pregnant woman outside a Lahore court about six months ago makes me more than sick. Could you imagine that happening outside the Law Courts in the Strand, or Brentford Magistrates Court?  'Failed state' is barely scratching the surface. I fear events of this nature will continue for the foreseeable future.

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