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Topic: A fitting response
Posted by: Colin Jordan
Date/Time: 18/12/14 13:09:00

Further to the subject of the unspeakably appalling events in Pakistan this week (and leaving aside the discussion of Godís involvement in them), it was reported on the radio this morning that in Peshawar, many children donned their school uniforms and reported to their schools today, even though the schools were closed. They did it as a gesture of defiance against the insane psychopaths who slaughtered over 130 of their schoolmates yesterday. The courage they showed by their actions is both humbling and inspiring, as was the interview with a young man who was present at the school where the carnage took place yesterday. His account was devastatingly clear, and yet devoid of sentimentality or self-pity (and all the more astonishing for the fact that he was speaking in a language that was not his native tongue). It would seem that despite being beset by problems which make many of our own concerns pale into insignificance, this troubled country can still produce youngsters like this young man and Malala whose bravery leaves one breathless with admiration. It is a fitting response to the fanatical and cowardly nihilists who play out their mad fantasises by slaughtering defenceless innocents.

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