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Posted by: Joe Conneely
Date/Time: 15/12/14 08:22:00

We should probably not be surprised given how people try to select goods and services via the Internet, that trying to manipulate their choice becomes the norm. As well as not allowing unfavourable reviews (I have had similar experience including the restaurant sites), "best offer" sites that are not etc. the decision seems to be driven that simply losing one dissatisfied customer is an acceptable cost. It is just a development of TV and other media advertising where everything is always depicted as great.

To put the reverse case since I have seen it happen once, a customer who with unannounced room visitors had all tried to overstay and avoid paying at a friend's hotel. After getting additional payment and removing them they posted a highly critical review not based on the facts of the case. The friend had to spend over a week getting the dishonest review removed given the fear it would have an adverse impact on their business.

What seems to be happening in the cases cited is that there is little verification by either side before postings are removed. The thread also supports that great companies do allow open criticism (the Apple site would be another one I would cite where good and bad comments are posted).

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