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Topic: Feedback manipulation
Posted by: Viv Griffiths
Date/Time: 13/12/14 09:47:00

I recently bought some products online from lookfantastic.  They took ages to arrive as the free p&p was not by post but by a cheap and useless parcel service. Later  I received an email from trustpilot asking for a review and I wrote a very mild one, mentioning the slow delivery but not mentioning the name of the delivery company.  I was then told that my review had been withdrawn at the request of lookfantastic. 

I've noticed with other feedback sites that a run of poor reviews frequently triggers several glowing reports, often from first time reviewers, and it seems like one big scam. 

There are adverts around for specialist companies who 'maintain your online presence', and I suspect feedback manipulation could be what they're offering.

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