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Topic: Re:Feedback manipulation
Posted by: Gina Thomas
Date/Time: 13/12/14 10:48:00

This is my partner's experience. 'I've had a similar-ish issue with TrustPilot.

They make their money by selling to vendors.  They are free to consumers.

They give the review to the vendor, who can challenge it's veracity and it get removed on suspicion of not being based on a real purchase.  You then have to produce evidence to verify that the review is the result of a real purchase.

I had to go through this process and it's a pain, but I was determined to get my review up on the site, so I sent proof of purchase to TrustPilot and they re-instated it.

In the process I discovered that a very positive review of the same company had been posted by someone with an unusual name that was the same as the person I had emailed there, they also were in the same city.  They also had a LinkedIn profile that said they were a "writer" for marketing the company. So I wrote to TrustPilot about this and asking them to investigate.  They said they couldn't respond, but would investigate. 

I just checked and the favourable review has been removed and my unfavourable one is still there. They were effectively writing their own reviews which is against Trustpilot's policy but they are still a client of the company.'

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