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Topic: Re:Re:Re:12 (Dog) Days of Christmas
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 12/12/14 17:09:00

I pride myself on being very good at plagiarism - oops I mean parody!

Three yards of tinsel - self explanatory and may be toxic
A massive bunch of grapes - toxic raw, cooked and dried; quantity ingested to induce toxicity varies. The jury is still out as to why, but causes kidney failure
A bag of gummy sweets - xylitol (found in artificial sweeteners and therefore in many human foods)
Grandma's best Poinsettia - sap is toxic, but by no means the most toxic plant commonly found in house and garden
Some plastic and some batteries - self explanatory
Cousin Nina's chocolates - 70%+ cocoa solids extremely toxic
FIVE PHEASANT BONES - mechanical injury on way in and out (choking obstruction, laceration etc)
Turkey stuffing full of onion - allium family cause anaemia in dogs; large quantities can be fatal
Most of Grandpa's Stilton - not toxic but may contain alcohol and dogs cannot digest lactose efficiently
Half a bowl of raisins - see grapes above
And a baubel from the Christmas tree - self explanatory

This site has more advice re canine poisoning:

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