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Topic: Re:Re:12 (Dog) Days of Christmas
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 12/12/14 16:13:00

Very good.  I knew about most of what you mention (plus of course anything sweet that could contain an increasingly used artificial sweetener/sugar substitute called xylitol (often found in cakes, biscuits, chocolate etc) and chewing gum can all kill dogs within hours but I didn't know stilton was a problem? 

I heard of a dog who died after eating a very small amount of fruit cake, literally a mouthful. Not sure if it was the dried fruit (eg raisins) or the artificial sweetener but an hour after eating it he was at death's door and they couldn't save him, very sad.  

Very annoyingly someone who presumably thinks they are being kind to foxes leaves stews with onions, fruit cake   curries and all sorts of horrible stuff in the local park which attracts rats and probably kills foxes and cats if any cats venture in there.  So far it has only given my dogs diarrhoea if they get to it before I do but I am constantly on the watch for any kind of sickness after they have been to the park.   I have left notes up which get torn down, don't know what to do to stop it.  

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