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Posted by: Chris Calvi-Freeman
Date/Time: 08/12/14 20:52:00

Hi Arnold.

Yes, precisely so - a few minutes of testing could save your life.

One thing I learnt very quickly once I was diagnosed (and for the first time in my life took an active interest in this form of cancer) is that the majority of men who contract prostate cancer get it quite late in life and can live with it as it's slow-growing, but a significant minority of cases are younger men (relatively) who have very aggressive prostate cancer.  I fell into the latter category but was surprised when I told friends in New Zealand (where there seems to be greater awareness and more routine testing for prostate cancer) and received their "assurances" that prostate cancer wasn't usually anything to get too worried about.  Maybe this reflects a little knowledge being a  dangerous thing  - in this case the mistaken belief that aggressive and life-threatening prostate cancer is very rare (as opposed to relatively uncommon compared to the slow-growing kind).

Anyway, if you're over about 45 and at all concerned about urinary issues, see your GP ASAP.  A simple blood test (PSA) can give a good indicator, and a quick DRE can give  better assurance or confirmation.

Incidentally, we're talking about urinary problems here, not erectile dysfunction.  Prostate cancer thrives on testosterone, so wake up all you hard-driving, rootin' & scootin' stress junkie Chiswick alpha males  - you're probably in the high risk category... 

Tell your friends.



PS:  Yes, I'm fine now Arnold and hope to be so for a very long time.  Having bought a house at the beach, I'm more concerned now to avoid skin cancer.

PPS:  For those who don't know me, I am not a medical professional.

PPPS:  Thanks Maddie XX

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