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Topic: Re:Re:Moveber, Movember, whatever......
Posted by: Arnold Saxton
Date/Time: 08/12/14 13:54:00

Chris, I hope you're doing as well as I am, 6 years after radiotherapy. Like you, I urge any man with the slightest suspicion of prostate trouble to contact his GP, who will probably call for a blood test, and, if that shows a risk of the disease, will send him to a specialist urologist. In my case, there was doubt, and I was followed up regularly ('watchful waiting'), so that when the cancer started, it was caught and dealt with quickly. I have since joined a newish charity called 'Prostate Cancer UK', which aims to raise awareness and funds for a disease which kills about 10,000 men in the UK each year. Too many men seem to be afraid of the diagnostic process. It's not a joyous experience, and undignified, but what's a few minutes of discomfort compared with reassurance in many cases, or, if need be, steps taken to save your life. 

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