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Topic: Now that Moveber is over....
Posted by: Chris Calvi-Freeman
Date/Time: 07/12/14 21:01:00

...and youíre all clean-shaven again (Iím referring to the gentsí mos here, not the ladiesí personal grooming habits) please donít forget to be proactive in the fight against prostate cancer.† I wasnít, and it nearly cost me my life a couple of years ago.† A very close shave indeed (pi).

So, gentlemen, whatever you age but especially if youíre over about 45 Ė at the first sign of a decrease in your ability to piss against the porcelain without any internal resistance, head straight down to your friendly GP for a quick check up.† Maybe ask for a DRE.† Hint:† the ďdigitalĒ bit of that anagram isnít some fancy electronic device, just a good old latexed and lubed finger.† Not fun, but it might just save your life.

Tell all your friends.† One of mine took my advice and saved himself a lot of strife.

All the best


PS:† Anyone wanting to know a bit more first hand (npi), is welcome to email me at†

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