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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Side Returns, Loft Extensions
Posted by: D Fox
Date/Time: 02/12/14 00:31:00

Claire wrote: am happy with a side return that is an extension from the living room in its own right rather than a widening of the kitchen

If it's a room in its own right, will it be wide enough to be practical - and what about restricting light into the existing kitchen?

You also have to think about the circulation about the house, and as you'll be investing a lot of money whatever you get done, what will have the biggest return if you sell.

You could get away with having openings into the existing kitchen - say 2m - 2.4m wide (no need for doors if you don't want them if the extension is properly insulated), where you could probably use less expensive concrete lintels that can be manhandled into position (avoiding long steels also means you don't need to hire a crane).

You might be able to have three openings in the wall, with a 60-80cm pillar between them, and get away with relatively little construction work compared to knocking down the whole wall. Talk to a structural engineer to see what is possible within your budget.

There is going to be a lot of dust, dirt and disruption anyway, so it is worth getting the most out of it you can.


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