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Topic: Re:Side Returns, Loft Extensions
Posted by: D Fox
Date/Time: 01/12/14 18:31:00


I'm not an expert on planning, but if you want to do both loft and side, you'll probably have to get planning permission if you are a terrace (which has less permitted development rights than detached), particularly as you have conservatory already.

I'd be surprised if you could do both extensions for less than 100,000 - probably more, depending on size and difficulty. Some of the cost depends on how many supporting walls there are to take down, and how many steel beams have to go in. We left one pillar between the kitchen and dining/sitting room in line with the old wall, as it fitted in perfectly with our kitchen plan (and the waste pipe from the bathrooms had to go somewhere anyway...), but our neighbour had a full length beam and didn't need a pillar (they were completely gutting the house so could turn the first floor joists around to line up with it, where we had to have a couple of other beams to support that floor).

First thing you should do is talk to your neighbour - you might find that they want to do a loft or side extension too. We built our loft conversion with one neighbour, and our side extension with the other.... it does save a lot of hassle, some money, and you only have to live through one period of dust and noise.

Exactly where the edge of your extension can go depends on where the boundary line is (and if it's your fence or your neighbour's).

hope this helps.


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