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Topic: Side Returns, Loft Extensions
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 30/11/14 19:00:00

Just starting to contemplate extending.  I Have a reasonable size conservatory currently, on the back of the kitchen -  does anyone know if that affects whether you can add a side return and/or loft extension as I believe there is a limit to the additional square footage you can add?

And while I have an idea of the cost of loft extensions, I am not sure about the cost of side returns, are they all much the same in terms of cost or do they vary a lot?  Also, what happens to the fence bordering the neighbours' garden,  does the side return go right up against it?

Sorry for the query but I am just starting to think about it and don't want to wade through acres of planning stuff if it is a non-starter.

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