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Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 18/11/14 10:21:00

Sounds like the cat that had been given Bob Martins had been given a canine preparation. Dog flea treatment contains permethrin which is highly toxic to cats. It is very, very important to use the correct treatment and never a good idea to buy over the counter treatments as they are ineffective.

Humans often get bitten by fleas - incidentally most fleas in your home are probably cat fleas. There is also a species of human flea that can also bite pigs and a rabbit flea. I believe that dog fleas are the least common. I have never understood, although am very glad, why horses don't suffer. Whilst they have plenty of other biting creatures to worry about, I would appreciate enlightenement about the lack of horse fleas.

Fleas do not actually live on their host animal but jump on to feed, jumping off again when they are sated. They do live and breed in carpets, between floorboards on bedding (animal and human!) and on furniture which is why it is important to treat the environment as well as the animal. You can carry them on your shoes from outside, so even households without pets can have fleas. I have seen them jump around the carpetted sides of bus interiors.

Carpetted, centrally heated homes or homes make a lovely year-round breeding ground for fleas which is why it may be necessary to treat your home and animal all year round. the early stages of the lifecycle can remain dormant for ages and are set off by the vibration of someone or something passing and by heat.

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