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Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 11/11/14 11:08:00

The council are not trained corporate contract negotiators and so I doubt very much that they actually know what they are doing. At all levels of politics, we have seen £billions of our money thrown away on these massively complicated contracts (PFI, IT systems, Consulting...) where untrained officers and civil servants try to negotiate complicated contracts with professionals when actually they have no idea what they are doing.

there is no evidence to suggest that this Serco contract would have been any different, and so I doubt that the proper diligence or risk analysis was carried out, or that the appropriate protections have been written into the contract.

Of course, when we ask to see the actual contract (that they have spent OUR MONEY ON), we are told that it is commercially sensitive and we are not allowed to see it.

I asked to see the contract that young Ed Mayne authorised, and I specifically asked if a grown up had been asked to look at it before it was signed off, but of course I never got any reply. In the real world, of course, a 27 year old with zero work experience in industry would NEVER EVER be involved in the signing of an £87m contract such as this, but in the world of politics, where they are spending other people's money (ours) it's perfectly normal.

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