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Topic: Cycling issues
Posted by: John Todd
Date/Time: 09/11/14 09:48:00

There are numerous new bike racks in CHR. I did an inspection with HH last week. I don't like the bland black design and have seen better options elsewhere. Some finishing work required near Windmill Rd.
I'm working with cycling groups who monitor my performance. Amongst other things trying  to eliminate the two pinch points in CHR and believe we now have funding. These groups provide suggestions to our LBH traffic department too now being considered.

We are also working with traffic officers to introduce a contra cycle route in Prebend Gardens to reduce traffic related risks.

With others from cycling  interests we  spoke at Cavendish school post attending Hackneys Cycling event meeting where we were updated with developments across London and met with other cyclists Cllrs  and the GLA cycling commissioner.

We supported the TG Brompton cycle hire rack now installed. I and others attended the opening and were delighted to supportable meet with  a Local manufacturer.

Why Mr Steed is so critical is not clear. I've not received any communication from him pre or post his diatribe.


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