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Topic: Re:FXDC Dyna Glide Custom 1600cc
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 03/11/14 11:30:00

Janine, I think you would be surprised how quick the Glide is.It is a very heavy bike but with a 1600cc V twin,pushing it along, it is surprisingly rapid.In fact it's not the 'going'that's the problem, it's the stopping.When I first got the bike, I took it back twice asking them to check the brakes.Because of the weight they have to stop, it seems like it takes ages for them to bite, but really you just need time to get used to them.After a lifetime spent on rice burners, it's nice now to ride something that feels like a 3 seater settee.I 've also got double leather panniers so it's good for just about everything you would need a car for

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