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Topic: Re:Attempted Scooter thefts
Posted by: Janine Jarvis
Date/Time: 02/11/14 22:36:00

Yup - I had the same problem when I had a scooter. The trouble is they're too easy to ride, and every teen tearaway with a screw driver wants a slice of the action. I must have lost 3 over the years, and had as many again damaged with attempted thefts. It's a bummer. Decent long-ish chain, and wherever possible lock to something fixed. You can often loop it through the chain on someone else's bike in a bay, makes it far harder to steal.

I now have a geared bike, not too new, nothing flash, and have had no trouble at all. Too difficult for most of the little sods to ride. And not interesting for the top-end thieves either.

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