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Posted by: Birna Helgadottir
Date/Time: 02/11/14 13:06:00

That restaurant site seems to be cursed with a bit of a service issue over the years.
I've been twice; once when it was called Pug and the service was so bad I vowed never to return (I think the wine finally arrived just as we were finishing our main course).
Later, when it  Frankie's I went again, as part of a group (ie not my choice); but again the service was so shambolic we had quite a lot cut off our bill. I don't know if things improved when it was Bardolino and Brick Oven.
I wonder if it's the size of the place - that it's difficult for staff to cover the tables properly? I don't know, I'm no expert on restaurant management, but it does seem strange that service has been such a perennial problem.

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