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Posted by: Marjan Lee
Date/Time: 02/11/14 09:58:00

We went last night.  The atmosphere and decor were nice and the food was good without being amazing. The problem we had was with the service.  We waited an hour before we were even able to order despite asking if we could multiple times.  This was followed up by the starters arriving before the bread and the bread being taken away before we'd finished followed by a lengthy wait to have our plates cleared when we did finish.  We had to wait ages again to have our desert orders taken and then 3 of the deserts arrived about 10 minutes before the final desert. Each time we called our waiter, he very charmingly smiled and said he'd be with us in just a minute and then never returned.  We'd catch him as he would leave another table and the process would be repeated!  There were a lot of serving staff but seemingly only one or two who could take orders.  The table next to us complained about their service and got the service charge taken off their bill although we didn't do that.  The whole time, everyone was very pleasant and kept apologising, stating that they'd only been open 7 days which I do understand will result in some difficulties.  At what stage would a restaurant have smoothed out these troubles I wonder?  I hope that they do succeed but they'll need to sort out their service quickly if they don't want to alienate customers...

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