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Posted by: Brian Coyle
Date/Time: 31/10/14 14:40:00

Her indoors informs me that Mrs Dean was indeed the Headmistress of Grove Park Primary, certainly up to 1962, and later the head master was Mr Johnson, as her brother, Robin Lunt, was in the same form as you, Andy.
The hardware shop was called Hope’s, later the Coyote and now the Copper Cow. Then there was Oakshott’s run by a miserable git called Larner who later opened a shop in Gordon Road.  The family name of the bakers was Olive. The chemist’s owner was called Ironmonger – an old and a young. The younger apparently was a dead ringer for Terry Thomas and old Ironmonger must have been 90 then!  The cobbler was called Slater, who later moved to Sutton Lane North (there was also a separate branch of Oakshotts in that road). The greengrocer’s was called Ward’s (in the mid 60s). The newsagents was called Murphy’s in the late 50s and then called Crows. The sweet shop in the early 60s was run by Mr & Mrs Cross, a miserable duo apparently. She doesn’t remember a dry cleaners. The wet fish shop was called Ing’s (now the dry cleaners), who also had a branch in Camden Town, and the off licence (think it was Davisons) was always known as Reg’s, even long after he died.

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