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Topic: Re:Grove Park Terrace level crossing
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 31/10/14 10:04:00

1) They're not 'going to close' it, although I suspect they want to close it (the real reason is money, not safety, by the way, although motor vehicles have been the biggest risk to rail passengers for over a decade now)
2) While I'm sure NR's preferred wheelchair accessible footbridge would be hideous there's nothing about a 'ramp' being mentioned, it would more likely be two brick towers with steps up and a lift in each tower, as at Mitcham Eastfields:

3) The existing footbridge *is* metal, at least the middle bit.

Also, despite living round the corner and using the crossing daily I only found out by accident, as Mary Macleod's letter writing only covered the road affected directly, which is a bit odd.  I'd have thought leafletting people when the lights were down would also be a good idea, but at least make sure the roads off GPT are aware of the proposal.

Forcing the large number of cyclists over the bridge and SCR arguably has a negative effect on safety, and I'd like to see the usage figures for the crossing by mode.  The crossing is currently a CCTV monitored full barrier crossing with protecting signals, which is about the safest type there is, although this requires a signaller to manually check the CCTV before clearing the signal.  Obstacle Detection (OD) uses radar for this, saving manpower but costing NR money to install.  Closing the crossing saves the manpower and the cost of installing the radar.

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